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Awards & Scholarships

Merit Scholarships

Each year, the Board of Directors of the Pensacola Children’s Chorus honors outstanding members with merit-based financial scholarships which help offset the cost of tuition. Awards are selected annually and distributed monthly during the course of a singer’s membership. Applications are blindly reviewed by a special committee made up of board, staff, and community members.


In order to qualify for a merit-based scholarship, a singer must:

  • Have been a member of the Pensacola Children’s Chorus for at least one contiguous season, OR;

  • Have been a member of the Pensacola Children’s Chorus during Showtime 2021 (for current members only);

  • Have no exceptional attendance issues during the 2020-2021 season.


For the 2021-2022 season, the Pensacola Children’s Chorus will award 7 awards valued at $500 each.

Collegiate Scholarships

In these uncertain times, the Pensacola Children’s Chorus is pleased to continue its collegiate scholarship program which aims to recognize the achievements and character of our graduating seniors. These awards will be publicly announced on PCC’s social media platforms. In-person recognition opportunities will be determined as physical and social distancing requirements are lifted.

Any graduating senior is eligible to apply, provided that they have been a member of PCC for at least one full season (September through May). If selected, funds will be disbursed once proof of enrollment in a fully accredited post-secondary college or university.




This year, the Pensacola Children’s Chorus will award 2 scholarships valued at $1,500 each.