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The Pensacola Children’s Chorus has partnered with the Escambia Children’s Trust (ECT) to launch the Sing to Succeed initiative, which seeks to provide tuition-free membership to PCC’s Resident Choir Program for low-income and at-risk youth, enabling them to experience the transformative benefits of music education. 


Sing to Succeed acknowledges the profound extramusical benefits of choral singing on young individuals. Research indicates that music education contributes to increased academic performance, advanced social skills, positive teamwork, and enhanced empathy. PCC's Resident Choir Program, with its intensive weekly rehearsals and high-quality performances, provides an ideal platform to nurture these skills. 

Singers engage in weekly rehearsals, where they learn music, movement, and teamwork skills. These rehearsals cultivate responsibility, accountability, and teamwork and serve as preparation for the climactic performances that help crystallize the singers' confidence and self-esteem.



Sing to Succeed is designed to benefit low-income and at-risk youth in Escambia County, particularly those living at or below the poverty line. The initiative seeks to eliminate the barriers of affordability and transportation that often limit access to impactful after-school programs. Through focused recruitment and partnerships with local schools, Sing to Succeed will enroll 105 youth in grades 1-12 over the course of three years.

Singers enrolled through the Sing to Succeed initiative may benefit from pre-rehearsal tutoring sessions provided by Rising Minds Learning. These sessions focus on music theory, aural skills, homework help, study/life skill development, and subject area assistance. This support equips singers to effectively learn and engage in rehearsals while alleviating stress related to schoolwork.

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