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PCC's Triple-A Commitment

Arts should be accessible to everyone, regardless of finances.

To unleash and support the potential of all young people in Northwest Florida, we must remove barriers. Access to life-changing arts education should not be the exclusive privilege of those with higher levels of expendable income. This is the philosophy behind PCC’s new Triple-A Commitment: Affordable & Accessible Arts—a cultural and economic equalizer which empowers families to pay tuition based on their financial ability.

What is it?
This Triple-A Commitment adopts a sliding scale model of tuition. As such, a family contributes according to their household’s expendable income. This commitment stands on a foundation of fairness and equity and enables families across all socioeconomic brackets to access the quality music education programs of the Pensacola Children’s Chorus.

How much might my family pay?
While every family is different, PCC’s Triple-A Commitment makes tuition assistance much more transparent. The two largest contributing factors are your household size (i.e., the number of individuals living under the same roof) and total household income. Combined, these metrics will determine how much you will pay (represented by a percentage off full price fees). You can estimate with these charts:


Household Size

Household Income

Estimated Tuition Reduction


Monthly Tuition

What costs are included in the Triple-A Commitment?
This Triple-A Commitment includes reductions in monthly and/or semester tuition, the one-time registration fee, select performance tickets, and select merchandise items.

Does PCC give full (100%) awards?
The Triple-A Commitment considers the importance of a family’s “stake in the game.” As such, each family is expected to make an investment in their child’s success as well as their commitment to PCC’s programs. The minimum that any family might pay is $15 per month for singers in the Resident Choir Program; $5 per week for those enrolled in Neighborhood Choirs or the Tri-City Children’s Choir; and 55% of full-priced summer camps. If additional financial assistance is needed, please ask about our Sing to Succeed program to see if your student qualifies for free tuition.

Do I have to submit my financial information?
We encourage all families to complete a Triple-A Application to get a true placement on the scale. However, those who do not wish to submit their financial information will be assessed maximum cost for PCC’s programs.

E-mail us with any additional questions!

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